Adventures in India

This is an open journal of some of the things I see and think about while trying to find a place to live in India. It may or may not be interesting. I make no promises.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Back in Korea

Here I am back in Korea.

I have been back for a couple of months. Took the first job I was offered while broke in India. They offered me a round trip ticket so I took it.

I need to work some karma out here, overcome my dislike of those baleful, pink neon crosses shining out above the heads of all the harried workers.

But I am learning.

Earning money to return to Mamallapuram, South India and build a guesthouse close to the ocean. It will also have a free school for the villagers and hopefully evolve to a little sanctuary for people to hang out in for a time in India. Those who want to help out others can teach in the free school for a discount on room and board

I envision a secular ashram with no leaders, just a group of folks who want to take a breather and do a little yoga up on the roof at dawn. It could turn out to Temporary Autonomous Zone, ala Hakim Bey.

We'll see.

I wrote up a long blog about the project last year, which I erased before going to India. I plan to write up another one, as well as post the new designs my artist friend Todd drew in Amsterdam. Brilliant.

But right now it all smacks of bother.

The directions on this blog are all in Korean, so I have started a new blog at,

I am sure there is an easier address, but can't figure it out. I am an idiot.

It is a beautiful day today, in the wake of earthquake, hurricanes, and tsunami, and under the shadow of a possible pandemic mutated bird flu, and a giant asteroid due to collide with us in 2012(according to Nostradumus).

But then as Rumi wrote,

"Something opens our wings.
Something makes boredom
And hurt disappear.

Someone fills the cup before us.
We taste only sacredness."

It is an amazing thing, this ability folks have to just carry on.