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Friday, April 15, 2005

The Job of the Unsavory Sadhu

By the way, the fellow I described earlier as the "Unsavory Sadhu" at the temple of Kama Baba in Varanasi, made off with all the money I donated to the monks in the middle of the night.

This is why I think the Kama Baba mentally called me to come the morning I was to leave.

When I heard the tale, I gave Kama Baba more money and he took it and put it in the folds of his lungee and yawned. Yes, I was a sucker...and proud of it.

That night, as I sat before my little Kali shrine in my room, I felt a strong message from Kali come through:

"Pay special attention to the teachings of the Unsavory Sadhu.

All cheats, scoundrels and rascals are great teachers doing a difficult job. Most don't know they are teaching when they cheat, a very few do; they are Master Rascals.

Unsavory Sadhus bring to the surface attachments, feelings of entitlement, and self-righteous indignation. By asking questions such as, "Who is the Unsavory Sadhu?" "Who has he stolen from?" "Whose money is it?", the attention is redirected towards what is real, and the attachments are burned to ash.

Usually it is the Unsavory Sadhu who sweeps up afterwards.

The job of the Unsavory Sadhu is a thankless one."


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