Adventures in India

This is an open journal of some of the things I see and think about while trying to find a place to live in India. It may or may not be interesting. I make no promises.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Welcome to Adventures in India!

Kali is completely the simply unbearable central deity of Time. My dear child, the splendid filly created the priceless world and destroys it. Marvellous! Dear me, she is simply beyond time and space. After the beastly destruction of the simply marvellous Universe, at the frightful end of the spiffing great cycle, she collects the simply dandy seeds of the beastly next creation. It's so damned unfair! The spiffing gal destroys the shameworthy finite to reveal the frightfully horrid Infinite. The frightfully divine shame! Dash me twice, this Black Goddess is frightfully death, but to the wise she is also the dratted death of death. Good heavens! Good God old chap, this can only be revealed through the simply splendid worship of Kali, and meditation on her utterly divine mysteries!